Ironman 70.3 World Championship Challenge

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My name is Scott I am a 37 year old personal trainer/triathlete based in Essex and my ambition is to qualify for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship within the next 3 years and I really need all the support I can get to achieve my goal. As a dedicated triathlete I have been self-funding ever since I started competing in Ironman (swim 2.4m/bike 112m/run 26.2m) and Ironman 70.3 (swim 1.2m/bike 56m/run 13.3m) competitions back in 2011. This has been tough mentally, physically and financially. Working long hours to try and fund one race each year or two, when ideally I should be competing several times a year, but I am not ready to give up! I am determined to reach my personal peak performance by finishing in the top 3/5 places in my age group to be eligible to compete in the 70.3 world championship.

My Pathway to Ironman

In my youth, I enjoyed taking part in athletics, rugby and football, playing for two Sunday league football teams. In my spare time I ran and competed for Woodford Green AC and mountain biked around Epping Forest, saving up for my first road bike, a blue and orange Condor, which I still have today! I loved the freedom of cycling and exploring new places. Eventually becoming a member of the Eagle Road Cycling Club, competing in regular, 10/25/50 mile time trials, hill climb championships and the Wild Wales challenge, in the extremely hilly but beautiful Bala, North Wales.

Whilst I enjoyed team sports, I seem to thrive under pressure, when competing as an individual. I remember the feeling of exhilaration when winning a 1500m and 3000m track race on the same day. This was probably one of the defining moments of my life, which led me down the path towards triathlon, combining my love of running and cycling.

Over the years, I have raised money for various charities through runs/cycling, including instigating an indoor bikeathon to raise funds for the Grenfell Tower tragedy. I was so pleased with the result, as lots of people took part, we raised a lot of money and I played my part by riding 82 miles on an indoor bike! Raising funds for Bowel Cancer (and MIND) are charities that have a particularly personal significance for me, as my Dad was diagnosed and died from this terrible disease 3 years ago. He suffered for 5 years, but always remained positive, his never quit attitude has been my inspiration and my guide. His death took its toll on all the family, but had a major impact on my mum, who less than 6 months after he passed away suffered a stroke. Her determination to walk and become independent again continues to inspire me, and she was there along with my fiancé cheering me on in the 2018 Ironman 70.3 in Cascais, Portugal. Without her support I would have not have overcome my own battle with depression, so that I can now be a positive role model to others experiencing mental health issues, loss of a loved one, or dealing with a terminally ill friend or relative. I have tried to operate a ‘pay it forward’ attitude in both my personal life and my job as a personal trainer and enjoy helping people to live a physically and mentally healthier life.

Achieving my goal

Over the last couple  of years, I have only been able to afford to take part in one Ironman 70.3 race – Cascais 2018. I hope to take part in one in Staffordshire in June 2021 (which was postponed this year due to Covid) but ideally, my aim would be to compete in 4 races a year, over the next three years, which would give me the best chance at qualifying for the World Championships. The possibility of me self-funding this number of entries is zero. To achieve my goal, I desperately need your help. To give you an idea of the costs I have incurred to train and enter a triathlon, here is a breakdown of some of them:

Training Fees /Gym/pool £30-60 pa

Bike Service/Maintenance £250 pa plus parts

Training/Race Kit including trainers £500-600 pa

Nutrition/Training supplements: Gels/Protein/Isotonic Drinks £500pa

Race Fee £275 – £325 per race

Travel Train/Flights/Petrol £60 – £500 per race (price dependent on location)

Travel Bike/rider transportation from airport to accommodation (price dependent on location)

Bike transport (Additional charge to fly race bike to location £100 approx.)

Accommodation: Min cost £60 per night usually a 4 night – stay can be longer if abroad
Travel Insurance cost variable depending on location and if bike covered as well

As you can see, it’s quite costly. As well as helping out with the costs, sponsorship, could also enable me to drop some of the extra hours I currently work and devote this time to training. I am self-coached in all 3 disciplines, a decision that was made for me as the money wasn’t available to pay for assistance. I feel able to carry on doing this, but would definitely benefit from a proper bike fit/wind tunnel testing to make sure I am in the most aerodynamic position and one that suits my specific body biomechanics. I could probably also benefit from a few specific swim training sessions, to improve my overall technique.

To help me to achieve my dream, reach my full potential and qualify for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships, any financial assistance you can give by way of Sponsorship will be greatly welcomed.

Scott Ironman 70.3 Portugal

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