As a quick thank you to my supporters, I will be writing weekly updates on my Ironman training towards my two triathlon races next year. My first race is Staffordshire Ironman 70.3 on June 13th and the second race is Duisberg Ironman 70.3 (which is in Germany close to Dusseldorf) on August 29th.

Let’s help the squirrel

Unfortunately, last week was an enforced rest week from training. As a result of an incident in the local park. This was due to me trying to come to the aid of a squirrel (now affectionately known as Jaws). The poor thing was lying on the ground rolled up in a ball, which is somewhat unusual for a squirrel.  Being an animal lover, who cannot leave any animal that appears to be in distress. I decided to try and help. As I didn’t want it to be carried off by foxes as lunch. I decided that it might be best to take it home and see if I could nurse it back to  health.What a mistake that was!

Let’s just say, in picking him up, Jaw’s became scared, defensive and decided his best form of defence was to attack me. Which ultimately ended in him biting my finger. The first bite didn’t hurt too much, but the second one certainly did! He got me good, his teeth went deep, pretty near the bone I believe. Once I managed to prise him off my hand and put him back on the ground, my finger and hand were a bloody mess. Leaving me to to return home to seek medical treatment, from a more eventful walk than I had bargained for.

No good deed goes unpunished

This resulted in a slightly embarrassing phone call to the doctor.  A week of antibiotics was prescribed and I was left with a throbbing finger for the next 48 hours. But I still managed to teach some online classes, which were great fun, receiving some positive feedback along the way.

I continued to eat well, stretch regularly. And most importantly get a good amount of sleep every night, which helps in many ways.  Hoping to have a slightly less eventful time this week. (Everything crossed, yes including all 10 fingers) and I look forward to reporting back on my Ironman training sessions, which will be varied and fun as ever.

Have a positive week.


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