As it is coming towards the end of the year and we are looking at various ways of self-improvement throughout 2021, I wanted to discuss the subject of New Year’s resolutions. In a poll, 25% of the British public say they have made New Year’s resolutions, but year after year only 24% of those who make new resolutions have kept them all. Whilst it is great to see a good number of people wanting to make such improvements, it is disappointing that approximately 1 in 4 fail. Unsurprisingly, the most popular New Year’s resolutions are those involving health and diet. Let’s look at each one of the following in turn and some of my top tips to help you to better achieve your goals:

New Year’s resolutions

Resolution 1: Increase Amount Of Physical Activity

  • Top Tip 1: Get a watch that counts your steps, (cheap ones are readily available) with the aim of completing more steps on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Top Tip 2: Make exercise part of your day (lunchbreak), not an additional part where you can only fit it in if you have time

Resolution 2: Improve Fitness Levels

  • Top Tip 1: Contact a fitness professional i.e. Personal Trainer to help set realistic goals.
  • Top Tip 2: Make exercise part of your day (lunchbreak), not an additional part where you can only fit it in if you have time

Resolution 3: Improve Diet

  • Top Tip 1: Keep a food diary and write down what you eat on a daily basis (without changing anything) for 1 week.
  • Top Tip 2: If you are not sure how to change your eating habits for the better, then contact an expert. Nutritional Consultants or Personal Trainers can generally help with this.

Resolution 4: Lose Weight

  • Top Tip 1: Set small targets along the way, and have a regular weigh in and keep a note of your measurements i.e. thighs, upper arms, chest, waist, hips. As weight can fluctuate but results can also be gauged by a decrease in measurements.
  • Top Tip 2: Keep a diary of the progress you are making towards your goals, steps covered, workouts completed, weight loss etc. Small regular successes will help you to continue your journey.

Resolution 5: Reduce Alcohol Intake

  • Top Tip 1: Remove any alcoholic drinks from your home, if you can’t see them you are less likely to want them.
  • Top Tip 2: Choose an alternative soft drink that you will have instead when at social gatherings. There are quite a few non alcoholic beers/ciders readily available now as well as the usual soda’s or juices.

Resolution 6: Stop Smoking

  • Top Tip 1:Ask for support from your friends, family and colleagues.
  • Top Tip 2: Have a number of reasons why you want to achieve your goal i.e. I want to give up smoking to be a better role model for my children/to save money/for health reasons.

General Top Tips for achieving your New Year’s resolutions

  • Seek support; from your friends, family and colleagues.
  • Become accountable; write down as many reasons as you can think of, why it is important to you, and your closest family that you achieve your goal(s)
  • Create a positive environment; by displaying positivity messages of encouragement around your home, i.e. post it notes on the fridge/mirror in the bathroom, messages in your diary/on your phone/in your wallet.

And finally, STAY POSITIVE, and do not expect miracles to happen quickly. It takes time to make changes. So remember, slow and steady, will help you to eventually achieve your goal. If you feel you need motivational support or guidance, I am here to help so please feel free to contact me if you would like to start planning for a happier, healthier, and more productive 2021.